General Information about Visas to Turkey

Visa is a form affixed into the passports to prove that the holder of the passport meets the requirements for admission into the issuing country.

There are two types of visas in the Turkish practice:

1) Entry visa (single entry, multiple entry and entry with special annotations)

2) Transit visa (single and double transit)

Single entry visa is valid for one year and allows its holder, depending on the nationality and passport type, to stay in Turkey up to three months and to visit the country only one time.

Multiple entry visa is valid for up to five years and allows its holder to make multiple visits and, depending on the nationality and passport type he/she can stay one to three months each time he/she enters into Turkey.

Transit visa is valid for up to three months and allows the person to travel to another country through transiting the Turkish territory.

If the connecting flight to the third country does not require an overnight stay in Turkey, then no visa is necessary. In other words, Turkey does not issue Airport Transit Visa (ATV).

The passengers of cruise ships are allowed to enter and stay overnight in the port cities of Turkey upon the permission given by local border police authorities. These passengers are not required to obtain an entry visa to Turkey.

Visa fee is subject to change for each country. See the detailed visa information please click

All stateless people holding temporary travel documents are subject to an entry visa regardless of the country of former citizenship and where they reside.

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