Education Visa

Foreigners may apply for education visa only after they have enrolled in a Turkish university, school or a language course certified by the Ministry of Education. Education visa is generally valid for one year for single entry. The person concerned should apply to the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate in person with the following documents.

Valid travel document (passport) (It should be valid at least three months longer than the expiry date of the requested education visa), Completed education visa application form, One passport size photograph of the applicant (It should be affixed on the top left side of the visa application form), An official acceptance letter from the Turkish university, school or a language course certified by the Ministry of Education,

Non-refundable education visa processing fee (the amount may differ depending on the nationality), If the person applies from a country other than his/her homeland, then he/she should also submit his/her valid residence permit or any document that proves he/she legally stays in that country.

Note: If the relevant Turkish Embassy/Consulate receives the visa applications by mail or by courier service in exceptional cases, the applicant must send the above mentioned documents and also a pre-paid or self-stamped return envelope (DHL, Fed Ex, Express, UPS, or some sort of insured/certified mail is highly recommended, as the original travel document will be sent inside the return envelope). Please contact with the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate to learn whether they receive the applications by mail or not.

This visa will allow the bearer to enter into Turkey and apply for a residence permit. Education visa holders must apply to the Alien’s Branch of Local Police Department (Emniyet Mudurlugu Yabancilar Subesi) within 30 days upon their arrival at Turkey to obtain a residence permit. Once the person is granted with the residence permit, he/she can enter into Turkey multiple times as long as his/her residence permit is valid and thus he/she does not need a visa for entry into Turkey. If the extension of the residence permit is required, the extension or renewal should be made timely before the expiry date. The person is recommended to have the validity of the residence permit extended before leaving Turkey, if the validity of residence permit is to expire or has already expired.

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